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Web Development

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript to build your first Website from scratch in this 30 day Online Workshop!

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Full Stack Development

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and PHP to build your first Website with Backend from scratch in this 30 day Online Workshop!

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Graphic Designing

In this 30 day Program understand the science behind choosing colours and designing logos! Learn to use Photoshop and make an entry into the World of Graphic design.

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Digital Marketing

In this 30 day Online Workshop, learn to use all the Digital Marketing platforms and how to make money Online!

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Power of MS-EXCEL

In this workshop you will learn the Essentials of Microsoft Excel.Within 30 days, you will learn to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets,& create visualizations of data through charts and graphs.

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Business Development

Every growing business requires that some form of Business Development role be filled. Large/Small, organizations depend on talented Business Developers to drive market strategy,find new customers,& acquire partners. This workshop is one way to prepare for this exciting and demanding field.

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Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.

Learning is best with doing. There is perfect saying
"First you Learn and then you remove the 'L'

What Our Students Say

“Really a great job by CourseDeck.. i’d personally recommend this to anyone who would want to learn more about how to design a web page or looking become a full-stack developer. Leant a lot which wouldn’t be taught online or found elsewhere.Finding it very useful now, since we’ve got a mini-project to be done very soon.. thanks to CourseDeck”

“Helped me a lot, thanks a ton to our instructors.”

“The classes were good and could understand each and every topic from their syllabus.Even though we had less time, instructors helped us out in clearing all our doubts and also completed the course-cum-internship successfully. Thank you!!”

“CourseDeck has been very helpful for me, I learnt alot.The teaching is really good and the online classes are interesting and convenient which is based on project-based learning.Very supportive and encouraging.”

“It's was really good.. I did not expect it would be such a good experience with great teaching approach.”

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1.How will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conduct online which will be live streaming.

2.What will be our reference material?

You will be given a recorded video of the class you attened as well as supporting docs.

3.How will our questions be answered live ?

There will be a live chat, where the instructor will answer all your questions.If the student has not understood then the instructor will make sure the doubt is cleared and then moves forward.Every students questions will be answered without fail. Also our geek squad will be 24/7 available on Whatsapp for all your doubts.

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